Friday, November 9, 2012

Photo Book

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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Catching up...announcements!

Catching up...

The Skateboard show was awesome! All the work was so fantastic!! This felt like the perfect show for my re-entry into the art world! 

Launch Pad Gallery show

Leif and I each had a piece in Launchpad Galleries' last show before closed their doors.
This meant many, many late nights making art with my much fun!

Leif did yet another stunning book carving! The curator at the gallery said this was one of her favorite pieces from the show! 
Handsome and talented...what a man. 

My very favorite artists at the show with me!!! 

There where hundreds of people at the show that night!
 It was a great turn out! 

Leif suggested that I re-visit my "Home" concept...and he is pretty smart, so I did. It felt really great to dive back into my old concept with a new frame of mind. 

For me my "home" series started years and years ago in college and was 
conceived of pain, sadness, fear and anger.
 I created that series to get those awful feelings out of me. 

Now, my perspective of home is so different. It is one of happiness and satisfaction... hope renewed. Laying that series to rest so many years ago felt like closing doors, but revisiting it with this new perspective felt like re-creation manifested. 

(Also, I just realized that based on these two gallery opening photo's of myself it would appear that I only have one dress...Or that perhaps I only have one dress that I wear to art openings! ) 

 What are we doing now?

I am working on 5 pieces for a "Circus Freak" series with a great friend and artist Alea Bone. The show goes up October 1 at First Cup coffee shop. 
There will be 10 or 11 pieces total, and it's going to be a totally amazing show!! 

Next, Leif and I will be working together to create a show that will go up I believe in February at Space monkey!! Leif is planning some new carvings, as well as a newly created product that he is in the midst of prototyping! It is brilliant and I cannot wait to show you all!


Thursday, May 3, 2012

Skateboard show "The Hyena Men"

So, yesterday my deck was delivered to me, and I'm now ready to start plotting out my painting. 
I am SUPER excited, and SUPER nervous. 
Excited because I love having a reason to paint, and I love being a part of the local art community and I think this will be a really fun project! 
It Will be a challenge and that excites me. 

Nervous, because I haven't had a piece in public exhibition since my first Thursday show in the pearl a few years ago. 
Also, I am not a skateboarder. I have never even managed to successfully propel myself standing vertically on a skateboard from one point to another. (Success based upon remaining vertical and unscathed). 
My concern, is that I will be painting on a substrate which represents an activity and sub-culture of which I have not participated in. 
My goal is to just make a cool piece of art that people dig without looking like a total poser in the process. 
(Do people even say things like "poser" anymore?)

So, I have really been into hyena's for a while and thought this is as good a time as any to paint some hyenas! 

 I am thinking of incorporating a floral damask background with the hyena in the foreground. I also really like the idea of working some African animals into the repeat of the pattern like this Purple and blue damask pattern below. 

In terms of a palette, I'm leaning towards something similar to my Dodo painting. I like the richness of those colors and the nod to classical portraits that palette gives.

 As I have been looking up imagery for hyena inspiration, I was seeing these incredible images of these men with huge spotted hyena's. the pictures are stunning and I'm absolutely in love with them. 
The story behind these "Hyena Men" is really interesting as well. 
Here's a link about who the Hyena men are, and this photographic story by Pieter Hugo. 

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I've been neglecting this page for sometime. 
I was recently asked to participate in a group show, which I am really excited to be a part of, so in an attempt to sink my teeth back into creation, I thought I would tend to my long forgotten little blog.

What's been keeping me away?
My amazing family keeps me busy, and blogging is all too often an unwanted distraction from the time I get to spend with my two favorite people in the world. 

Work. The shop is a full time and job...and then some. Most time spent on the computer at work is blogging for the shop, promoting our wonderful wares or searching for new goodies to bring into our Aster + Bee fold. 

Then, somehow in between my family, and work I manage to...



And be Merry
(That's me...and my sweet lady Lee)

I'm just sure you're all dying to know so... without further ado, here's a little taste of what I've been doing in my little studio. 

My husband and I had our first collaborative project together.
My very talented husband is a book artist and we pulled together our skills to create these carved portraits. It was so much fun to work together!! 
We are planning out many more collaborative projects to complete with one another!! 

Super fun little painting for a dear friends 30th birthday. Her two favorite things...cats and sandwiches.
My little dips dips into Kitsch keep me smiling in the studio!  

Another small piece for another lovely friend. 
In honor of our polar bear plunge. 
That's her there in the Vader mask on plunge day!! 

 Been keeping our walls covered here in the shop. This piece goes up when our Queen of hearts displays go up around Valentines day! 

My sweet Dodo...for my sweet husband.

My husband read a book a while back and became infatuated with Dodo painted one for him. I still have a bit to go, but here are the process pics.

I've got some other commission pieces in the mix, but as they are dictated and guided by my patrons and in all cases pretty personal to them, I feel odd about putting them up here. 
So...this will have to do! 
Thanks for catching up with me! 


Friday, April 23, 2010


I'm seeing this series portraits of performers like these old pictures...

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Gathering images for my circus "freak" portrait series...

Circus Freak series....
Preliminary research.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Exhibition history

1998- Clackamas Community College~WHS art exhibition
*Best in show
2000-Clackamas Community College
*Honorable Mention
*People's Choice
2003-Oregon College Of Art & Craft~Painting & Drawing Exhibition
2004-Red Wing Cafe~ Ode to Joseph Cornell show
2004-Oregon College of Art & Craft~Painting & Drawing Exhibition
2005-Oregon College of Art & Craft~Painting & Drawing Exhibition
2006-Oregon College of Art & Craft~Thesis Presentation
2009- Aurora Arts Association "Holiday Show"
2010- "Under the deep Blue Sea"~ NW Portland Goldsmith Art Blocks